Whether buying or selling jewelry, it’s important to do business with a dealer you can trust.  Christian Coin & Jewelry provides customers with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about their jewelry transactions.

Buying Jewelry

When buying jewelry for someone special or just treating yourself, choosing the right jewelry store can make all the difference.  Customers want a wide selection, affordable prices and a staff that can answer their questions and explain the important aspects of buying jewelry.  Christian Coin & Jewelry has provided people with a way to search for local jewelry stores that offer the services and products they are searching for.  Our store locator has detailed information about each store as well as customer reviews that make choosing the right jewelry store simple.  We also have a FREE online classifieds where customers can browse listings of local people with jewelry for sale.  This is often a way to get better deals on quality jewelry than at a retail store.

Selling Jewelry

Finding the right place to sell jewelry isn’t always easy.  Many gold and silver buyers only want to pay for the raw precious metal value of the item.  Often times though, the piece of jewelry will have value above its gold or silver value.  Our online local jewelry classifieds gives our visitors the opportunity to list their items for free and get exposure to potential local jewelry buyers.  This can often result in people getting more money for their jewelry than selling it directly to a retail establishment.  However, if you wish to visit a store and sell jewelry, Christian Coin & Jewelry provides a free store locator to assist our customers in finding a local place that purchases gold, silver and platinum jewelry.